ECLECTIC® team proudly executed unique and innovative LegArm design. Petu Kummala, 358 Design created LegArm lounge chair with the inspiration that “legarms” are moving in different directions, one forward, one backwards, creating a motion as the chair is “walking”. The shape of the “legarms” comes from four different curves that are all the same radius although the way they are composed, they look different.

Top portions are the same shape even though they look different. The armrests are wide enough to rest a drink, glass… We used walnut and leather with basic construction methods to complement great innovative design and many more versions of “legarm” are in development.

Alex Marc, President


358 Design is led by Petu Kummala, a Finnish American, long time Miami Beach resident with 20+ year experience in design, mainly on cruise ships, but also on hospitality and products such as chairs, which has led to a collaboration with Eclectic®.
“I initially wanted to design cars and motorcycles, but I studied naval architecture and somehow found myself working with cruise ships,” he says. To date, he has been involved in almost 40 cruise ship projects, including 33 new builds. That path still continues today as, while continuing work on projects with his own design studio, he recently “closed a circle” and accepted a position at Carnival Cruise Line as a Director of Interior Design andArchitecture, which means balancing all different things keeps him very busy.

“I think when you love what you do; you’ll find the energy and time to do more than you otherwise would, plus I’ve been lucky enough to be working with great people, which makes things so much easier and enjoyable. Alex Marc at Eclectic® is a great example of such collaboration. When Alex asked me for a design, I showed him this project I had and he loved it. This chair is certainly not your average, typical lounge chair but Alex saw the beauty in it right away. Add a great team of Giuliano’s builders and the end result is what you see today!”



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