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Sinu collection
Sinu collection
Sleek and ergonomic chairs from Sinu collection are made from pure materials and designed with care to gratify all your desires for functionality and aesthetics.

This collection inspires class and style with the use of lasting materials like wood, leather and metal accented with superb finishing. Complementing your furniture with functionality and visual presence that stands out.

Classic luxury meets modern elegance

Introducing Leaves - a chair that makes an impression!

  • Solid walnut wood & Stainless steel
  • Curves that accommodate
  • Stainless steel foot support
  • Soft & Breathable genuine leather seat
  • Swivel system on bottom

A symphony of form and function

Are you dreaming of unique and innovative furniture that will highlight your space and give a feel of extraordinary?

Legarm collection offers stunning design that challenges perception. A play on the shapes of the “legarms” and cushions creates an illusion of the walking chair. This innovative design chair stands as the ultimate conversation piece rather than just a piece of furniture.

LegArm collection
Shibuya crossings

Shibuya crossings wall

Art wall elements-combines geometry, and artistic angels. Options come in curved, square, and linear compositions. Time tested assembly and shelfing options. Make it simple or loud, add color or go for a monochromatic blend. Custom designed connections to make this piece an adaptable piece of spacial art. Collection includes decorative modular art wall, cylindar boothand.

Our proven manufacturing
technique deliver furnishings with
a beauty, style, function & durability.

Eclectic® custom

Are you an architect?

We can make your unique ideas alive.

How it works

We can make your ideas come true


Tell us your ideas, needs and demands and we will work with you to develop your vision, eliminate potential maintenance issues, and fine-tune each design for maximum longevity and efficiency.


A finalized concept is taken into production, using the highest quality materials, construction techniques, and finishes to ensure exceptional results that serve its purpose with design and function.


We deliver and install strong, unique pieces of functional art at your location and integrate it in the space that will ensure the wear and tear of high-use facilities and remain centrepieces for years.
Eclectic® has provided furnishing for thousands of hospitality, dining, and entertainment establishments across the United States and the Caribbean Islands, often working hand-in-hand with talented architects, interior designers, and property owners to realize a unique vision in a way that marries durability, quality, and award-winning modern design concepts.