A “walking” chair collection LegArm Outdoor resists the harshest environment. Sleek stainless steel frame joined with Serge Ferrari upholstery are representing the heart of this outdoor furniture collection.


LegArm outdoor chair cushions made of revolutionary Stamskin One fabrics are designed for durability and comfort in your outdoor setting. With exceptional fire resistance, insensitivity to UV radiation, water and extreme temperatures while conserving its flexibility this chair will offer a delightful relaxation to you and your guests.

Advantages of Stamskin on upholstery:
– Unique soft touch, very supple
– Very easy to clean
– Insensitive to oils, body fluids, alcohol …
– Fire resistance

A chair that moves will charm you, not only with beautiful design, but also with high material strength made for intensive usage and easy cleaning or disinfection possibilities. The fabrics used are insensitive to all chemical substances, which makes the LegArm Outdoor the perfect chair used in body care or hospitality.

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